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  1. Arima

    Discussion: Iconography

    1. If there was an Icon to symbolize the world of Foenum, what would it look like? 2. What would the Icon of The High Plains look like? 3. What would the Icon of Rein look like? 4. What would the Icon of Houshan look like? 5. What would the Icon of The Prairie look like? 6. What would the Icon...
  2. Arima

    [OC] - The Cataphracts & Additional Lore

    The Cataphracts Background: The Cataphracts are an elite group of armored warriors who helped to play a major part in the war against the predators. Akin to a hoof covered in iron, they served as both the shield to blunt the predator's advances and as the hammer to drive them back. And when the...