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  1. Arcanel

    Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    And now the new names for these supers shall be Full Moon, Black Panther and uhhhhh..."BRUTAL". Yeah let's go with that. (They preds are looking soooooo good tho). Good job Nappy!
  2. Arcanel

    I'm losing faith in this game.

    There's nothing I can really add that hasn't already been mentioned by MPK up there already, but I fully agree with the concept that the Arizona v Tianhuo matchup just isn't 9-1, and it never has been either. Arizona HAS always had to do the most work in the matchup, and that hasn't changed at...
  3. Arcanel

    How to fighting with Tianhuo?i only going Velvet

    Well, after having fought Bubble's Velvet yesterday as a Tianhuo player myself who's been trying to focus more on neutral play (and having experience with Keet's/MPK's Velvet too), you basically have two main jobs as a Velvet player. A) Recognizing the Tianhuo's player attacking pattern to...
  4. Arcanel

    Anyone else feel like it's all an uphill battle?

    As someone who suffers a lot against Paprika in general, trust me, I get you, I really, really do. But something I've come to learn against Pap is that patience is something you'll have to think off against her. The worst thing you can do when playing against a Pap player, is to let them in your...
  5. Arcanel

    Anyone else feel like it's all an uphill battle?

    As one of the "main" Tian mains I guess, pun not intended, I would say that Tianhuo as a whole is a very strong character but, like every other character, does have matchups in which we're not particularly in favor or have to work the most. There's also the fact that even if you may have great...
  6. Arcanel

    Damage Value Suggestions

    I am pretty sure that a lot of fighters out there still have chip damage kills if you think about it. Injustice 2 has it, so does Marvel vs Capcom Infinite as far as I know, I believe Guilty Gear and Blazblue also have chip kills too, so, it's not exactly something that is being faced out at...
  7. Arcanel

    How do you deal with the command grab predator?

    Hm, has there something being changed over the panther? The command grab (lunge forward thingy) should be able to be blocked, and especially with Tianhuo, you should be able to punish that when you block it as her 5B has a pretty good reach and even more so if you block it from up close, you...
  8. Arcanel

    Looking for south american players! UPDATE: argentine group

    Ahaha, el gusto es todo mio, but hopefully things will turn out well in the end ^^
  9. Arcanel

    Looking for south american players! UPDATE: argentine group

    Well there are actually a couple of South American players around here! The ooooonly problem seems to be that apparently ping isn't all that great depending on I guess internet speeds even with proximity? There is two Argentine regular players around the lobby (including myself), and one...
  10. Arcanel

    Thoughts about episodic release

    Me personally at least, I feel like if they can make each "episode" of the story mode as single packed as you could possibly find in other fighting games, then I think that the episodes will work out great for the game because each episode release will just complete the story more, while giving...
  11. Arcanel

    Who Do You Main? (beta release)

    The only Tian vote is from me apparently. I am sad and lonely now :c
  12. Arcanel

    How can TFH entice people?

    See, the problem with this isn't so much TFH being cameoed in a game but... the reverse. There's only one character I can think right now that is quadruped and well known in the realm of fighting games, and that's Amaterasu (and that's gonna be real hard lol). The other way around though? Again...
  13. Arcanel

    How can TFH entice people?

    Oh alright then, my bad Oreo, sorry. Carry on in that case.
  14. Arcanel

    How can TFH entice people?

    What Oreo meant by this is that, it doesn't matter if for whatever reason their fighting games aren't doing the best, whether in an economical manner, or in an actual gameplay manner (or both). When you have, a) A GIGANTIC say in the entire genre as not only you created and popularized it but...
  15. Arcanel

    How can TFH entice people?

    It's alright, I know it's not the easiest of jobs but hey, not impossible. Also mind you, if there's a subject that you may not feel as sure about just keep in mind that some people and especially the devs are way more informed about fighting games than a lot of us, myself included. Might be...
  16. Arcanel

    How can TFH entice people?

    @Zenopo We probably did go a bit off topic but hey, it's not like it was a bad advice at the very least in terms of why can one play TFH haha. Either way, I wish you luck again and as said for the like billionth time already, remember to have fun, and do what you can! ^^
  17. Arcanel

    How can TFH entice people?

    @Zenopo Exactly. They're there mostly because of one thing in particular, consistency, BUT, nothing says you still can't do something about that either way. Strike where you can! Like I said, I know I'm a good player, just not best player is all. Simple as that for me and I'm more than ok...
  18. Arcanel

    How can TFH entice people?

    Haha, that's alright, it happens to many of us my friend, do what you can and you'll see in the end is what I'd say. And ahhh but most likely isn't a definitive thing. You could make only one mistake but that mistake was the worst of the other mistakes you made, and ended up winning because of...
  19. Arcanel

    How can TFH entice people?

    @Zenopo Haha, you misunderstand. I don't say "Hey look at this random who beat my butt into the ground! If he can do it so can I!" necessarily. Mostly instead if you see someone who uses your character, and they're doing things you didn't know could be done, learn from them or "steal the tech"...
  20. Arcanel

    Let's settle it. Who is the most popular ungulate? [Beta Edition]

    Tianhuo boys! Gotta show some support for my favorite firesnakehorsedragon!