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  1. Lanxide

    The Last Guardian

    Why hasn't any been talking about this game that was in development for almost a decade? You think the game lived up to all the hype?
  2. Lanxide

    Final Fantasy XV

    Surprised there wasn't a thread dedicated to this game that has been in development for a decade. Now the wait is almost over (unless you got ylur hands on it early then congratulations). The only question remains. Was it worth it?
  3. Lanxide

    We Tactical now?

    Alright who's been messing with the forums?
  4. Lanxide

    TFH Emblems

    For those who don't know. EA have an emblem maker for their games such as Battlefield where you can show off a picture of your choosing whether it be for trolling or for a quick laugh and such. It's very similar to using a spray in L4D2 or some sort. Here's an example. I'm just asking who's...
  5. Lanxide

    Manga Discussion

    Is there any manga you guys are currently reading? I'm still sadden by the fact that Shaman King Flowers ended too early. It really left a lot of questions unanswered.
  6. Lanxide

    Question & Answer

    Just another thread to help pass the time. -How to play- Answer previous question Ask question for the next person How are you?