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  1. Tox

    Australia/New Zealand/Oceania

    Someone should make a Oceania Discord or something for Them's Fightin Herds :x
  2. Tox

    Internet away from home

    I'm thinking of buying a dongle so I can play online games away from home. Is this a viable option? If it is, what should I look for when shopping? What's good on market? Thoughts? ...Also...I kinda sorta use a mac, if that matters :| Yes, I know they suck for games.
  3. Tox

    Tox's Emporium of 100% Legit Photographs

    WELCOME O.O This is a place where I will post the fantastic images that people wish for me to conjure. [/SPOILER] @Rodya was first to place his wishes, so... Hit me up if you got some images you want 'enhanced'. I will work... THE MAGIKS!* * = If I feel like it. No promises.
  4. Tox

    Photo Dump

    I wanted to create a thread where you can post a picture (drawing, comic, video, meme, art, etc) of anything that you liked and felt like sharing but couldn't find or think of anywhere/one else to share it with. I would like to take this space to remind y'all: 1) As per site global rules: NO...
  5. Tox

    Is this Possible?

    Is there anyway to put up like a window or something that shows who is in-game TFH on this forum? It could be like how we have the green dots to say we're online, or like in Discord. Is something like that in the realm of possibility?
  6. Tox

    Weapon of choice?

    There are a few threads that have talked bout controllers and such. So, if this get's merged with one of them, that could be a space saver. edit: I meant to post this in fighting games. whoops, mods halp D: @CamTSB
  7. Tox

    Mortal Kombat

    Couldn't find a similar specific thread. So, here we are! Which one and who is your favourite? My favourite to play as is Jason Voorhees, which is MKX. But I definitely preferred the tag team option that came with MK2011
  8. Tox

    The Inevitable Question

    Yes I KNOW it's just too hard to decide! That's why I'm letting you choose a Top 3 Bonus points for justification :) :arizona::oleander::Paprika::Pom::Tianhuo::Velvet:
  9. Tox


    A thread for metalheads (if there are any) My favourites are Killswitch Engage (by a lot) They practically invented Metalcore (metal + hardcore) Favourite songs by em are: 1) My Curse 2) Element of One 3) Strength of the Mind (or Reject Yourself ...I couldn't decide) I saw Killswitch live two...