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    I'm losing faith in this game.

    I've already felt in the past that some changes needed to be made in order to keep things fair for Arizona. Pom j.C is something I can beat with any other character's anti air. But I've worked through what I've had to work with thus far. In light of this new information, I think it's possible to...
  2. ZeroParadox

    I'm losing faith in this game.

    Now to get back to where I wanted to be. Tian isn't anything close to being completely safe in the air. Despite her many angles of attack she lacks real zoning tools and has to commit to her movement options and also what happens to her after burning through said options, or the resources...
  3. ZeroParadox

    I'm losing faith in this game.

    The problem with your exaggeration on how bad the matchup is has nothing to do with how bad it gets, but how bad it actually is. No one's disagreeing with you that the matchup is bad. That doesn't make the matchup "shit" and godawful to play. 6-4 matchups exist in plenty of games outside of this...
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    I'm losing faith in this game.

    I've had a lot of time to sit down and listen to other people talk about this post over the weekend, and I've been ignoring it out of respect for the people who have posted so far who have actually tried to help you so far, Koren. But since this seems to keep coming back to this particular...
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    Them's Tourney Testers (TFH Online Tournament)

    Steam: z3r0paradox I'm in m8
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    Would Skullgirls be good practice for TFH?

    Pretty much any fighting game will prepare you for TFH given how accessible it is trying to be. A lot of people here are going to be playing PC and have access to Skullgirls on Steam. If you were going to be training without a group, I'd recommend Street Fighter, but as you see in the post...
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    Explain Yourself! (Avatar | CT | Sig)

    Hobohodou (unemployed Wright), because I love Ace Attorney and I have an AA friend and fan who compares me to him a lot. Ace Daydreamer because more Ace Attorney, and I tend to get lost in thought, then have a massive internal discussion about said thoughts. No sig, but it'd probably just be...
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    Bad Fighting Games!

    Honestly, this is one of the worst games I've ever played in general, but it happens to be a fighting game, so here's Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu for the GBA.
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    You're gonna want to learn the basics that apply to all fighting games, but before that, I recommend you finding a game you really like and messing around with it for a bit. Skullgirls is great for beginners because it explains its systems and characters quite plainly, so you can get a good idea...
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    Who saves the world?

    I know other people are thinking this, but I really need Pom to be the hero while also progressively becoming more reluctant to fill such a role, with other people recognizing her strength until she becomes the unwilling paragon of a true warrior...! Everyone teaming up works too, I suppose.
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    Introduce yourself

    Hey, I'm Zero. I'm very big into fighting games, big into seeing a new game and what it can do, and a big geek. (Small person, though.) Lookin' forward to playin' with you all.