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  1. Zadok

    Zadok's art and fanfic stuffs

    ...And off in the distance we hear Velvet, the reindeer, venting about why isn't she the focus of this picture. Silliness aside, been a while since I've posted anything here. Regardless, I'm glad that I managed to finish this before Christmas came around. Been wanting to make some Them's...
  2. Zadok

    Zadok's art and fanfic stuffs

    Think it's about time I post some of my art stuff. And to kick things off let me introduce you to the Prince the of the Forest Nation(aka my OC)! Full name: Barque Evurwud (bark everwood) Nickname(s): Barky, Deery, Windy Gender: Male Species: Washington Whitetail Deer Age: Mid Twenties...
  3. Zadok

    Knick Knack - My Original Champion - Portrait Added!

    I was gonna say, with such a rather a unique and cute character it would be rather hard to just simply let this little, lovable guy go.:arismile3:
  4. Zadok

    Salty's Art Things - Bread

    Well, that was nice of her to do that. =]