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Howdy, howdy everyone.

I'm just some guy from the Evergreen state, that does art stuff, play games and the such.

I see myself as a casual gamer... Though, that doesn't I won't give my all in the games I play.

Truth be told I don't play many fighting games, with the exception of a few of them. Super Smash Bros and Tatsunoko vs Capcom to name a few... And Them's Fightin' Herds soon to be added to the list. XD

Any way, as for the art stuff I prefer doing traditional artwork, ie pen, pencil, paper. I do some photography as well. Most pics that I take are environment, event, object and cosplay related.

You'll likely see my TFH stuff here or on my Deviant Art page, among the rest of the artstuff that I do.

Hope ya'll enjoy my stuff, hope to see ya game side and hope to have a good fight!
January 25
Washington, US


Personal quotes

The things we do show people what we are capable of, so we don't have to hide anymore.

Life is very precious, but extremely fragile. Treasure it and keep it safe, because you only get one.

Imagination is the greatest tool that God gave to humans.