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    Three quick questions.

    This is how it should be. All praise Velvet and her Floof™.
  2. Tribble

    Aaron Stavely's video tutorials

    Aaron Stavely on youtube has been putting out a couple of great tutorials. Basic Controls:
  3. Tribble

    Secret Arizona Hat

    Salt mines? That's where you currently can get new accessories from.
  4. Tribble

    AI option for dummy stops working after combo trials

    • Location of Bug: Training Mode • Description: If you set the dummy action to AI after having been in combo trials, it won't do anything. Exiting training mode and entering again will fix this. • Screenshot: -- • Steps to reproduce: Go into training mode Set dummy action to AI, enjoy being...
  5. Tribble


    Oooooh, this reminds me: Exit, Pursued by a Bear: Get to the predators in Arcade mode but get defeated by the bear.
  6. Tribble


    I Like to Move it: End a round with a taunt Chippin' Away: Win a round with chip damage as the final blow Kiss of Death: As Paprika, win a round with kissy face as the final blow Slip Slidin' Away: As Velvet, perform 100 crouch slides Are You Happy Now: Win a match in which you perform 5 taunts
  7. Tribble

    Palette Reference Guide

    The name of Velvet's palette "Fluffest Pink" always makes me think of the World's Pinkest Pink from the hilarious art feud. It's probably a coincidence, though, and the palette is not pink enough anyway. ;)
  8. Tribble

    A More Co-op Focused Salt Mine

    An audible notification for when the saltmines reset back would help, too. And one for when entrance is free. (I think it's free for a short amount of time after the first person enters the saltmines?). Maybe even implement a little waiting time for the first person so that more people have the...
  9. Tribble

    Strange Duck spotted in local caves

    Poor Mr Duck is probably just missing his Missus.
  10. Tribble

    Fight emote "fist" does not fit with the theme.

    I see it as a translation. They are probably not actually talking in English, either.
  11. Tribble

    Datamining thread

    You could do an "outtakes" reel sometime in the future. :aricool:
  12. Tribble

    Which is better?

    Yeah, I found that, too. Tried the space = jump for a bit, but the space key is just so huuuuge and feels ... not as snappy as a letter key. I tried it with j, k, l as the other directions, and the hand position was pretty bad, too. Now I'm thinking j, i, o might have been more ergonomic. Or k...
  13. Tribble

    Which is better?

    I have to say, with my hand hurting from playing too much, a DDR pad sounds quite tempting for a change. The combo trials at different speeds could be a nice workout routine...
  14. Tribble

    Is salt going to become permanent later on?

    Yeah, I thought that, too. You amass salt pretty quickly once you are in the salt mines, and it makes sense at the time to keep up with the higher chest prices at higher level, and to get back in quickly if you died. Though "Redesigning the salt mines" is on the roadmap, and from earlier dev...
  15. Tribble

    Future Palettes

    beau is male, belle is female. Gendered languages ftw. ;)