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Recent content by Surrui

  1. Surrui

    Rate the icon above you

    100 out of 10. Naysuuuuuu~
  2. Surrui

    Word Association Game

  3. Surrui

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    It's a hamster D_: And the persone above me maybe is going to eat all the roster of Them Fightin Herds DDDDDDD:
  4. Surrui

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    It's a little and cute fluffy Jedi
  5. Surrui

    Word Association Game

    Cat Edit: Shiet XD
  6. Surrui

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Timid Ferovore Hoers BEST WAIFU
  7. Surrui

    Word Association Game

  8. Surrui

    What was the last game you played?

    Charlie's Angels for the PlayStation 2... Please, don't ask ><
  9. Surrui

    Popular Game Series You've Never Tried

    Mass Effect. I don't know why but... I'm not interested in this saga
  10. Surrui

    [Forum Game] How tough are you?

    How tough am I? I watch POSTAL movie... twice
  11. Surrui

    Favorite Intro Sequence?

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! And this is my choice
  12. Surrui

    Question & Answer

    No... I'm sorry... What do you think about Uwe Boll's filmography?
  13. Surrui

    Word Association Game

  14. Surrui

    (Game) Super Powers

    But only in the same room with Gordon Ramsay The power to make explosions with your hands
  15. Surrui

    What Would Be Your Dream Crossover Fighting Game?

    Like... Jump Ultimate Stars for the Nintendo DS?