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    Honestly, I'm a little bit puzzled by the Galarian Slowking, but so far I am enjoying the expansion pass's range of possibilities including the double battles. Also, there's a new animated song for Pokemon as well:
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    Our Response to the State of Things

    Will you be having the TFH game set up for tournament mode at the other online conventions around the world this year?
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    We're at EVO BABY!

    Just a minor note, but there's a bit of a personal issue going on with Evo Online.
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    Hopefully it doesn't have any spyware. Also a little bummed that there wasn't much more to the presentation, but at least the anime is back up.
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    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    So just so I get this right, ARMS fighters can de-spring their ARMS so they can hide in the public view as well as summon hats and masks from nowhere? Final Smash looks pretty cool though, even though there were some ARMS fighters missing from it.
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    TFH is big in Japan...

    Not sure of anyone can translate what's going on, but the folks playing it are super excited trying it out and showing it off to their rather large fanbase of subscribers. Perhaps they are also partaking in the Online EVO tournament?
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    Still no sign of Pokémon Sleep though, and given E3 got cancelled, I'm curious how they will show new Pokémon content. Annoying that some folks leaked some of the new stuff ahead of June though.
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    Ideal DLC Character

    I wouldn't mind if that zebra in the story mode into became part of the DLC. She could be skilled in high speed attacks as well as utilizing specialized shields and spears to protect her from harm.
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    We're at EVO BABY!

    Good to hear about Evo, but will the ultimate Lv 3 attacks be available before that tournament begins?
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    IGN Official TFH Review

    Apparently they really like it, save for the small amount of people in various lobbies and that there's only 6 characters so far. But I'm sure that'd change soon enough.
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    [FactionRP] Goat Cult

    Didn't Velvet say it was a Oryx though?
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    Unless, of course, the virus causes needless delays on those dlcs being released. I am puzzled that Pokémon Sleep hasn't been shown yet at this time, given it's been almost a year since they announced it.
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    I'm hoping that the English VAs will be doing something for the movie though, even if it's just saying the name over and over.
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    I'm just hoping that the game itself wouldn't cost as much as a regular Switch game. But I'm going for the chimp either way.