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Recent content by SubrosianDimitri

  1. SubrosianDimitri

    Plans for TFH at Combo Breaker 2020 (including community-funded international players)

    I'll make my plans in January, so I'd be down to enter as long as it doesn't interfere with any other games I intend to enter.
  2. SubrosianDimitri

    No pressure but...

    Mane6's priority is getting the game out of Early Access first so the full base game is there, the goat comes later. No need to make an extra character when there's enough to worry about.
  3. SubrosianDimitri

    E3 2018 Trailers/Reviews

    Seeing this trailer made me very happy! Now hopefully it does well enough for Square Enix to localize DQ10
  4. SubrosianDimitri

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

    It is nice that I'm able to play it on my Switch, though I'll probably end up getting the steam version anyway. Good to test the waters at least. I seem to enjoy Waldstein and Ruby.
  5. SubrosianDimitri

    Blade Strangers

    This one kinda came out of nowhere, but it seems kinda interesting: New fighting game Blade Strangers is launching this summer on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch It's got Curly and Quote from Cave Story, so that's a thing Yes, I know the article is old, but no one seems to be talking...
  6. SubrosianDimitri

    Judging interest in a meetup/tournament on Long Island

    I can't, no car, and it isn't on the Ronkonkoma line. And since that's Suffolk county, buses are a no-go. Edit: I can get transit, we'd just need more people and an actual meetup place. Days I'd have the easiest day and time is any time after 2 PM on Sunday, mainly because I won't have any...
  7. SubrosianDimitri

    TFH In The Media

    Smosh has been using misleading titles ever since custom thumbnails were added to YouTube videos, they thrive on clickbait and have always been one of the worst with it.
  8. SubrosianDimitri

    Popular YouTubers Playing?

    From what I've seen of their gaming stuff, they do a lot of yelling and cursing with the occasional bit of coherent discussion. Maybe it's because they're a Dragon Ball based channel, I dunno. On topic, I honestly didn't expect a member of TFS to be playing this game, much less be taking it any...
  9. SubrosianDimitri

    Well, Super Smash Bros is now confirmed.

    Smash bores me these days, and even when I feel some excitement from it, it wears off pretty fast as I'm reminded of why it bores me.
  10. SubrosianDimitri

    Popular YouTubers Playing?

    I'm amazed they didn't intentionally suck at the game to make it seem bad, IGN is notorious for stuff like that and hasn't gotten any better with time. It'd be kinda cool to get a text review from them too, but I fear they'd spend most of it discussing the game's origins as opposed to the game...
  11. SubrosianDimitri

    What song are you listening to right now?

    The OG JRPG overworld theme: And the OG version of the OG JRPG overworld theme:
  12. SubrosianDimitri

    Popular YouTubers Playing?

    Darn, I didn't notice this here and now I have to get the devs to delete my repetitious thread. On topic though, I skimmed through it a bit, and it looks like they enjoyed what they played, so that's good.
  13. SubrosianDimitri

    An Introduction to Character Archetypes & Playstyles

    I figured this would be a helpful thread to newbies to the genre who are jumping on with TFH, especially relating to our cast of Pummeling Ungulates, so I'll give the basic archetypes you see in FGs and relate them to TFH. Possible expansions to other FGs can happen, it depends on what people...
  14. SubrosianDimitri

    Can anybody explain to me the ending of Evangelion?

    Simply put: Everyone gets hugged and turns into Tang. Alternatively: