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Recent content by sokolgs

  1. sokolgs

    About the Announcer

    My Guesses: She might be the Prophet, or Longestma, or the greatest white unicorn or something like that. But yeah, Prophet is the best bet.
  2. sokolgs

    A Plea from a Keyboard Paprika player

    I'm keyboard, but can be on Xbox pad, but a bit less good. My first plays as Paprika was pretty Linksterlike. How? I HAVE NO IDEA.
  3. sokolgs

    Feb 22 - Still release // Unexpected change of plans

    Arizona is strong, she can wait... Seriously.:arisad:
  4. sokolgs

    Feb 22 - Still release // Unexpected change of plans

    Lol, this kinda like we're gonna get Open Beta for month ;)
  5. sokolgs

    Have/are early review copies going out?

    I hope that more and bigger names will get them for better hype. They should get it now.
  6. sokolgs

    The Fightin' Fœnatics, V2 (Updated 5/3/17: HIATUS IS OVAH!)

    Good job, guys! I'm making a post on brony forum about your work at teaching & training people.
  7. sokolgs

    Huzzah! Thursday isn't that far off now!

    After all those delays when i was ready, now i'm not ready, and release is too close now. Great!:arismile:
  8. sokolgs


    i'm bad at SG, but i know how to catch with grave, and how i can escape it. If you have free frames, then you just need to jump. Grave catches only if you touch ground.
  9. sokolgs

    Thems Tabletop Herds Discord Attack

    At first I thought that you realy programmed your bot to kick some degenerates, and was like "Hey, we are not so bad!" Thought that it was a joke)
  10. sokolgs

    TFH In The Media

    Here's link to the recent post in the main blog of the main Russian brony media and forum Everypony. I wanted to be first, but still they were faster then me. I'm gonna post almost the same there in tfh blog anyway soon, then will continue spreading in VK. This means that everything is going...
  11. sokolgs

    Forum Improvements log

    I did the same trick with your report. Works better with super fast macro.
  12. sokolgs

    Salty's Art Things - Bread

  13. sokolgs

    3D Design/Animation

    Movement, and emote animations and probably more things are possible, but hard for me) There's the site Mixamo where you can choose their avatars or put yours and instal Emote animation from their big list. I saw a lot of animations there, but not enough avatars i think.
  14. sokolgs

    3D Design/Animation

    Now we juuuust have to make animation for each emote button to fix that "I'm stuck" bug. Die, Headbang, Eating, or even attacks. Also somehow make the head look where you aim, animate eyes and make wiggly things wiggle! :arismile: