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Silver Lining

Good day to you. I am a mostly inconsequential person, forum denizen and gamer of all flavors. My name is Andrew, but I go by a plethora of names in online communities (the most recent, common choice being Silver or Mercury).

I am a jack of all games, master of none, a player for the game more often than the competition. That said, my experience with competitive fighting games has been tragically shallow, something I hope to rectify soon.

I've been watching ever since Mane6 was making Fighting is Magic, and while I'm not the most avid, up-to-date person on most things, I have definitely been excited watching this project slowly come to be. Diverse lore and characters, simple and deep combat mechanics, and the music...well, I'll just say that good music is life, and what I've heard could keep me going for centuries.

Bah, I've blathered on enough about myself.
Where weather's made up and seasons don't matter
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To deny the Darkness in your soul is foolish.

Ware wa kage, shin naru ware