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    IGN Official TFH Review

    That was a pretty good review for IGN!
  2. Redness

    Background Easter Egg

    I personally like to believe that those runes in particular are NDRSN to be a Kliff Undersn reference.
  3. Redness

    Background Easter Egg

    You're probably right
  4. Redness

    Background Easter Egg

    New runes were added to a texture in Reine this past patch, I'll add them to the Imgur Gallery and post a screencap here.
  5. Redness

    Development Update - June 12, 2019

    Are competitive ranks planned for the game?
  6. Redness

    Question & Answer

    If Goat is what I think she's going to be then I will be happy. According to my sources Goat will be worked on post-1.0 after the first part of story releases. If you could have anything added to the pixel lobbies, what would it be?
  7. Redness

    Question & Answer

    A workshop for palette ideas that can be voted on by the community and possibly be added to the game by community contests Do you play TFH weekly?
  8. Redness

    Question & Answer

    No, I’ve checked that like a hawk and it seems the same as it was before. Though I could be wrong. How often do you check the Official Discord?
  9. Redness

    Question & Answer

    With the way things are going? no How often do you check the forums?
  10. Redness

    Announcement: COMBOBREAKER 2019

    This is excellent news for the game! :ollielove:
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    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    I’d imagine that console releases wouldn’t be out of the question after the Mac port.
  12. Redness

    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    The first part of story will be in the 1.0 patch and goat will be sometime post-1.0
  13. Redness

    Backer Reward Status

    I knew there were IRL issues but I did NOT know that it was nearly that bad, here's to a new productive year on the game! Also... those backer palettes look snazzy! :ollielove:
  14. Redness

    Mane6 Work Stream #18

    Can't wait! :arilove: