• Mane6 at Combo Breaker 2019

    Them's Fightin' Herds will be exhibiting at COMBOBREAKER 2019: May 24-26, 2019

    More details here!

  • Them's Fightin' Herds

    Current Version: Early Access 16: 5.21.2019

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    Announcement: COMBOBREAKER 2019

    This is excellent news for the game! :ollielove:
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    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    I’d imagine that console releases wouldn’t be out of the question after the Mac port.
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    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    The first part of story will be in the 1.0 patch and goat will be sometime post-1.0
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    Backer Reward Status

    I knew there were IRL issues but I did NOT know that it was nearly that bad, here's to a new productive year on the game! Also... those backer palettes look snazzy! :ollielove:
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    Mane6 Work Stream #18

    Can't wait! :arilove:
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    I just got proposed to, with an Arizona plush!

    This is awesome! Congratulations!
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    Question & Answer

    The ability to kill with chip damage. If you could add something to TFH that isn't a planned feature, what would it be?
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    Word Association Game

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    Question & Answer

    It all moved to the various Discord Servers related to the game. I wish I could bring it back. :/ What’s your favorite type of tree?
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    Will virtual backer rewards be sent out after 1.0 releases?
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    Question & Answer

    Honestly, I’ve put thought into it and I’m still not sure. Nintendo Switch maybe? I probably wouldn’t use it much though. I’m not sure, I just don’t want stuff I’m not gonna use. What do you want for the holidays?
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    Word Association Game