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Recent content by Petea Copine

  1. Petea Copine

    9/25/18 - Candel's Thoughts on The Game's Balance, Important Features, and Community

    Is anyone still hanging around the pixel lobbies or is it Discord match-making?
  2. Petea Copine

    An Arizona Animation Cancel to Blow Everyone Away

    you can actually super-cancel off whiff at any time even after stomping the ground, and you can super-cancel after the 1st upclose hit but not after the second ground stomp hit you can do this with a b or c
  3. Petea Copine

    Distinct Hitsparks for High/Low?

    That's a better idea
  4. Petea Copine

    Distinct Hitsparks for High/Low?

    I don't know if this would mess up clarity or not, but maybe it would be helpful if high and low attacks had their own hitsparks that are distinct visually so it may be clearer what certain attacks are doing (ex. Tina j.a isn't a high, Pap 6.CC is high).
  5. Petea Copine

    Velvet Tricks

    Yeah you're right
  6. Petea Copine

    Gain Meters in the corner

    This combo will demonstrate how to gain meter in the corner We call this spooky combo the "buy 1 get 1", it has two parts first lasso after the ground bounce, second lasso after spending one meter, in either situation you end with 1 magic meter The key is timing the back-dashes so focus on...
  7. Petea Copine

    Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw

    let's draw pictures of alpaca being a fluffy bush
  8. Petea Copine

    Velvet Tricks

    I'm in training mode learning velvet and messing around, and I discovered a few interesting things. If these are common knowledge already then whoops Stand C - Grab Cancel If you very quickly press C->B almost together, but one after the other, Stand C's ice animation plays but your grab comes...
  9. Petea Copine

    Favorite Artists

    Kekai Kotaki has a very interesting and immediately recognizable style, his work was a big part of my adolescence playing Guild Wars 1, and then lately I discovered he even draws for Magic the Gathering. Drawn some of the most famous characters and cards like Liliana Vess and Celestial Colonnade
  10. Petea Copine

    Secret Arizona Hat

    Does anyone know anything about this?
  11. Petea Copine

    Datamining thread

    if you ever remove those files can you preserve them for a cutting room floor page on the wiki (if we have one)
  12. Petea Copine

    Continuing attack after 2D

    after low-rope you can backdash low-rope again, it's not exactly a combo but it can catch people and generate easy magic. And to mix it up either dash in and hit them or use high-rope if they try to jump out. In my experience short-hops can escape and won't be hit by high-rope, also supers and...
  13. Petea Copine

    Strange Duck spotted in local caves

    A local shark has arrived to help Arizona and it looks like the battle is over
  14. Petea Copine

    Strange Duck spotted in local caves

    Arizona was hired to investigate the cave, and has become embroiled in an epic battle with the duck who was rudely quacking loudly our cameras are live on the action now
  15. Petea Copine

    Arizona Frame Data + more

    nice thank you