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Recent content by Penny

  1. Penny

    Oleander Google Doc

    For now, but I can give you permission if you'd like. Also can you combo off that fuzzy without fred? That looks sick lol
  2. Penny

    Oleander Google Doc

    I know you get more time before scaling off the jump in, starting with a crouch light is just what I"m used to from so many games since its usually the most common hit you can get. I haven't played enough of this game to really see if its true here though, I know in dbfz you start combos with...
  3. Penny

    Oleander Google Doc

    I'll post these in the doc, haven't messed with jump in starters yet, thanks ;D
  4. Penny

    Oleander Google Doc

    No problem, and thanks! Hope it helps c:
  5. Penny

    Oleander Google Doc

    Hey Guys, my name is Penny, and I've been a bit of a lab monster for a few years now. First character I'm learning and labbing is Oleander, and I'm trying to compile a bunch of combos and tech here: Oleander Doc I'm gonna be updating this all night with a bunch of stuff, and I'm hoping I can...