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    2.1.6 (10.21.2021)

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  1. Notkastar

    Ever Wondered If You Could Do More Damage With One Character Than The Other?

    I Did and I made a video out of it ╹‿╹) (Heads up I'm self-taught and don't have many of any online battles to speak off under my belt so if you have any tips for the characters, I'm all ears! ◠‿◠) While Arizona has more snappy setups compared to Ole, who needs prep time to charge before...
  2. Notkastar

    Them Fighting Herds - Trying to break 40% with Arizona (+Tutorial)

    Really recently took a sec to see just how much damage I was able to do in a single combo with Arizona. ╹‿╹) Was able to reach my goal (Just barely =‿=) of breaking 40%. Felt like this Vid along with another I made could help other player playing the peep. Not exactly for advanced play but...
  3. Notkastar

    Made a Quick Arizona Tutorial and I Want To Know What Online Scene Is Like. ╹‿╹)

    Recently picked up Them Fighting Herds seriously and still have my ways to go; Still learning which moves are safe and/or punishable the characters. Wanted to get down the combos I'm able to do at the moment just in case forget one I have this vid for reference. Giving it some more thought I...