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    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    I’ve never heard anyone mention this before, but will Tian fight in her armor at some point?
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    empress headcannon stuff

    I like to think the empress is more dragon-like than all the Longma. Where did I get this idea from ? I just thought of the empress being super long and this idea came up. just a comparison since empress here has a bit of a sharper snout, giant wings and more of a slit in her eye eh idk just a...
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    What will the predators story look like in the finished game?

    oooh, I could picture the devourer being a typhon, but chicken devourer is superior to all.
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    help with an oc idea (no name yet)

    I got <placeholder name>’s basic attacks. It’s something to start off with, right? Also, it’s literally all I’ve figured out right now...not even his idle stance is figured out I’m just that blank of creativity rn sorry if the drawings are bad, it’s super early in the morning light attack: a...
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    Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw

    I just couldn’t pass this up. edit: oh jeez her tail is huge. Oh well another edit:
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    help with an oc idea (no name yet)

    ah okay. yeah that makes sense
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    help with an oc idea (no name yet)

    i mean yeah that does make sense but there are the alpacas too that are nomads
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    help with an oc idea (no name yet)

    he’s a horse and I’m not really sure what country the horses are based off of, so yeah now I would draw him, but I’m too lazy to at the moment and if I do feel like drawing him that will probably be in the next post I make since I hardly know anything about his fighting style and such I can tell...
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    Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw

    tian but with very crazy fire faaar too lazy to color it