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Recent content by Michael Bottos

  1. Michael Bottos

    Graphically Marvelous Games

    Skyrim. I often didn't use the fast-travel option between landmarks and cities because I wanted to enjoy the scenery.
  2. Michael Bottos

    Favorite Gaming Soundtrack?

    Killer Instinct (2013) or DOOM, both by Mick Gordon. Official, non-pirated Link for DOOM, from Bethesda:
  3. Michael Bottos

    Any RPG Recommendations?

    I've had a tonne of fun in Skyrim. Playable as stock, but there's some mods that drastically improve the play experience, like SkyUI, Simply Knock, Clocks, and some cosmetic mods that add more variety to the weapons and armour.
  4. Michael Bottos

    Party Games

    You Don't Know Jack, on Steam. Everyone has to have their own smartphone. I think you can play from a laptop as well.
  5. Michael Bottos

    Backer Status forum privileges

    Currently do not have Beta Backer Status tag. I'm pretty sure I've been using the same email.
  6. Michael Bottos


    Ya, but my coveted Backer's Beta Tester Tag doesn't!
  7. Michael Bottos


    Does my stuff show right?