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    1.1.0 (5.29.2020)

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  1. ManeSix

    Patch Notes - Version 1.1.0 (05/29/20)

    Patch Notes - Version 1.1.0 (05/29/20) GGPO Netcode Improvements You may have heard the buzz about the recent update to the GGPO netcode in Skullgirls. After much internal testing and a highly successful (albeit brief) beta period, we're including that same tech (with some modifications to...
  2. ManeSix

    Netcode Update Beta is Live!

    Netcode Update (Beta) You may have heard the buzz about the recent update to the GGPO netcode in Skullgirls. We've now reached the point where it's ready to be tested for TFH, and everyone's welcome to participate. This update creates a smoother, more consistent experience by greatly lessening...
  3. ManeSix

    The Magic Series #4 - Tournament Details

    The Magic Series #4 - Tournament Details We've got a special tournament to announce! The Magic Series #4, sponsored by Mane6 (that's us) and hosted by the Fightin' Foenatics, will be on May 30th, 2020! This tournament is special because we'll be donating merch to Top 8 as well as having...
  4. ManeSix

    Patch Notes - Version 1.0.3 (05/20/20)

    Patch Notes - Version 1.0.3 (05/20/20) This update introduces some important Story Mode QoL fixes that should give players a better time on lower difficulty levels. We're also introducing the first round of improvements to online play in preparation for EVO Online! Story Mode General Basic...
  5. ManeSix

    "Complete Recordings": Story Mode - Bandcamp Codes

    "Complete Recordings": Story Mode - Bandcamp Codes Codes to redeem the first "Complete Recordings" Story Mode album on Bandcamp are now available for qualifying backers. Qualifying backers means folks at the $90 (Menacing Shadow) or $200+ contributions. To get your download (if you qualify)...
  6. ManeSix

    Patch Notes - Version 1.0.2 (05/05/20)

    Patch Notes - Version 1.0.2 (05/5/20) As Story Mode spends more and more time with more and more people, we're discovering and squashing bugs. At the moment we're focusing mostly on stability and overworld interactions, but rest assured there are quality of life features and bugfixes coming to...
  7. ManeSix

    Story Tracks Added to "Best Of" Album, Complete Recordings to Follow

    The new music that debuted with Chapter 1 of Story Mode has now been added to the "Best Of" soundtrack album on Steam, Bandcamp, and Backerkit (for backers who donated at a high enough tier to qualify for the digital soundtrack reward). The list of additional tracks is as followed: Ancient...
  8. ManeSix

    Patch Notes - Version 1.0.1 (05/1/20)

    Patch Notes - Version 1.0.1 (05/1/20) NOTICE: At the time of this writing, the version stamp that appears ingame for this update will show as 1.0.0. Story Mode: Chapter 1 General Fixed a critical bug causing the health boost from lower difficulties to not apply in sections past the Canyon...
  9. ManeSix

    Patch Notes - Version 1.0 (04/30/20)

    Patch Notes - Version 1.0 (04/30/20) It's finally time. After 2 years (and change) of Early Access, the 1.0 release of Them's Fightin' Herds is finally here! But before we get started with the patch notes… Notice All options/button configurations have been reset! Please take a moment to...
  10. ManeSix

    Online Merch Store Live Now!

    Huge news, everyone! We are pleased to announce the grand opening of the official online merch store. It's live right now! Check it out: Them's Fightin' Herds : Mane6 | Official Them's Fightin' Herds : Mane6 Merchandise Gaming Generations has been handling our marketing materials and merch...
  11. ManeSix

    Soundtrack on Spotify: Temporarily Unavailable

    Hello everyone, Quick announcement about the TFH soundtrack on Spotify. We have made several attempts to expand it to include the latest tracks... but we have run into so much resistance that we've decided to start over from scratch. The "Best Of" album is no longer available on Spotify...
  12. ManeSix

    Early Access Patch #25 (02/21/20)

    Hotpatch #25.3 (03/12/2020) General Counterhit hitspark now displays at the proper size. Arizona :arizona: Fixed an issue with 6A that allowed it to launch Pom's dogs into orbit. This same issue was also causing it to launch players if the hit was a KO. Oleander :OTP: New palette: Shades...
  13. ManeSix

    1.0 Release Date, New Website!

    1.0 Release Date Announced! Most of you have heard by now: the release date for version 1.0 of Them's Fightin' Herds is April 2nd, 2020!! We first made the announcement during our Story Mode Preview stream last Friday. In case you missed it, here are the links to the VoD: Twitch: YouTube...
  14. ManeSix

    Story Mode Preview Stream - This Friday

    Story Mode Preview Stream The time has come to announce the date for our latest story mode preview stream (teased during the last development update). Join us this Friday, March 6th at 3pm PT on twitch.tv/manesix to see our latest progress on the road to 1.0. Spoiler warning! We're...
  15. ManeSix

    Soundtrack Quality of Life Update

    Heads up! We just rolled out some improvements to the structure of our soundtrack collections in response to community feebdack. This is all hot on the heels of our recent availability expansion. Details are below. But first, an announcement that we're changing the way we distribute the...