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    TFH In The Media

    Unfortunately, it's to be expected and there's not much anyone can do about it. As Lauren Faust herself once said, for some reason people link anything that is "cartoon + horse" (or in this case, "cartoon + ungulate") to the pony show. The example she herself gave was the Pokemon Mudsdale, which...
  2. Mage


    All right, here's a few character specific ones I thought of for Velvet and Oleander. Phenomenal Cosmic Power: As Oleander, perform a 60x hit combo. Friend On The Other Side: As Oleander, summon Fred twice in a single round. Think Fast!: As Oleander, perform two Air Teleports and land a hit on...
  3. Mage


    I'm no expert on Velvet, either, but I think so. In the corner, you can pretty much spam Instant Snowflakes into them, and still get to the ground in time to Super (I believe).
  4. Mage

    What do you want from a Tutorial?

    I would like to see some character specific details be addressed regarding Magic. Things like Paprika's food inhibiting jabs or Oleander's Read giving meter instead of Magic if Magic is full are aspects that players will find out by themselves eventually, but it would be better to have them...
  5. Mage

    Question & Answer

    Probably the incomplete fight intros/outros. They're the only things that stop me from forgetting the game is technically early access when I'm playing. What is your biggest gripe about the current build of TFH?
  6. Mage

    Question & Answer

    Multiplayer games, I suppose? I usually don't play single player games nowadays, but it's partly coincidence, I feel. It is true that my parents wouldn't let me play online until late 2014 and I never really had the chance to play multiplayer locally, so I still have a kind of fascination with...
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    Well, Super Smash Bros is now confirmed.

    EDIT: Never mind. It appears that Sakurai has referred to the game as a sequel on his Japanese Twitter. I saw that comment too, and although I agree it sounds like a good point, I don't know anything about how copyright works. lol
  8. Mage

    Well, Super Smash Bros is now confirmed.

    Don't be silly. The best part about playing Jigglypuff was landing a successful Rest, killing the opponent with said Rest, and still getting punished for it. That was clearly OP!
  9. Mage

    Well, Super Smash Bros is now confirmed.

    I'm very interested, but I'm confused as to what exactly the trailer is telling us. The signs are conflicting. If I ignored the release date given (2018), I would absolutely believe that this (very vague) trailer was introducing the next big Smash game. Smash 5, new engine, new graphical style...
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    Opinions on current game balance?

    As an Oleander player, I actually agree with you that the matchup seems difficult (for Tianhuo). I believe the best choice is to jump in and block until you're in her face, as that is the range you're advantaged. Trying to open the Ollie from afar will just get you hit out of the air with a...
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    Vote for your favorite ungulate! [Early Access Edition]

    It is about characters. The designs are the characters.
  12. Mage

    Fight emote "fist" does not fit with the theme.

    That's actually an interesting point. I have to admit, I never thought about it. It is a bit funny that every character has hooves but the fight emote is a fist.
  13. Mage

    Why does Pap's forward C hit high?

    I had the same issue, my friend. I kept getting hit by it because I never expected it to hit high (plus a blockstring that switches guard like that is a bit tricky to deal with). There wasn't any trick I came up with to block it either. Eventually constant trial and error drove it into my head...
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    Vote for your favorite ungulate! [Early Access Edition]

    Come on everyone, keep the votes flowing! We have to let Mane6 know which of their designs was the most successful.
  15. Mage

    Small typo in the header underneath General Discussion: "feebdack"

    Honestly, I just wonder if there aren't any more corrections because the developers are bored of the joke now. Sure, but trust me, some of the posts here were edited manually by mods to change the word.