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    2.1.6 (10.21.2021)

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  1. Now Available (To Backers): Complete Recordings Soundtrack - Stage Pack

    you can sell it on steam like dlc :3
  2. Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    well this becoming in a QnA, everybody listen!! put your question here and wait for a nappy reply <3 :3 i have several questions hehe 1) will we receive a final boss for the arizona story mode?, or only the devourer when finish every character story? or it's a surprise? 2) lauren still working...
  3. Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    no steam page on video description :c just reporting :D
  4. Forum Improvements log

    now with my own post :D
  5. Forum Improvements log

    i dont know if is a bug, but i can do this doing random double click on two word :D work in every page and every comment, soooooooooo. i find a bug, give me a gift! :D the bug is you can connect two words double clicking so much. my system is windows 10, google chrome Versión 63.0.3239.132...
  6. Lindsay's Casual Work Stream II

    omg yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 i need more of this news :3
  7. Current Beta Status, and upcoming updates

    I waiting for a game release for the best, or a delayer for the mess :) but just some information about the game D: just a little of information T.T just like "hello, still workerd on this game, maybe release this month, or meybe not, but we'll keep you informed"
  8. Current Beta Status, and upcoming updates

    x2 a update for us (no beta tester people) could be great :)
  9. Backers' Beta NDA lifted

    happy birthday!!! take a hug! and some loves!!! :D and also mind the derail...
  10. On Pre-NDA lift Patches

    yes!!! manesix pls <3
  11. On Pre-NDA lift Patches

    new question: the NDA end this friday to 00:00 hour in pacific time, or... need wait a annonce during the day?