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    Lawyer Friendly Equines Discussion Thread.

    I'm back in... Goddamnit.
  2. Leatherface

    Question & Answer

    Victor Castelleanos. I'd be a grizzled Spanish preacher with a really cool hat. If you sent a fart back in time, would it still stink?
  3. Leatherface

    Question & Answer

    Yes. We need to ban Tumblr, and give everyone who owns an account on it a five year prison sentence where we surgically f%ck with their tear ducts so that can't keep crying about everything. What's new?
  4. Leatherface

    Question & Answer

    No. They took a dirty sh*t on Spyro. Excited for the Spyro remake?
  5. Leatherface

    Question & Answer

    I'm not really a fan of 3D. Maybe an older movie, like Jaws, to see how they did it 'back in the day'.
  6. Leatherface

    Question & Answer

    I get stuck in the control options. Can I eat your sandwich?
  7. Leatherface

    Ideal DLC Character

    I would love to see a horror character expy, ala Mortal Kombat.
  8. Leatherface

    Question & Answer

    Not really. I am interested to see how it's received, though. Wanna see what's in my pocket?
  9. Leatherface

    Question & Answer

    Saturday. Is there really any other choice?
  10. Leatherface

    Best Skin

    Is Bughorse skin.
  11. Leatherface

    Feb 22 - Still release // Unexpected change of plans

    I'm worried people will hear about this and instantly think 'Street Fighter' with the lack of story mode. Fair enough releasing the game on time, but this seems risky.
  12. Leatherface

    Question & Answer

    None. They tested me in school when I was like 15 and were basically like 'you're a lost cause for writing, you can type instead'. Favourite type of beans?
  13. Leatherface

    Have/are early review copies going out?

    Curious to know.
  14. Leatherface

    Question & Answer

    No. He did not. Now you've made things awkward Brawl. You turned a simple question into a big hullabaloo and fuss. Hope you feel good about yourself. You monster. In exchange for the small toe on your left foot (which will be painlessly taken from you), you will be able to adjust your voice...
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    Question & Answer

    Contrary to popular belief, the family's name in the original Texas chainsaw massacre was not Sawyer (a name which I believe originated in the second film), but is revealed from a sign at the Last Chance gas station to be Slaughter (the sign itself reads 'W. E. Slaughter). Favourite manly mans man?