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  1. JunaECBS

    TFH at EVO 2019!

    What's up everyone! We're hosting a TFH tournament LIVE from EVO 2019! The Fightin' Foenatics and potentially escapingworkforce are gonna host a special event for those aware of The Magic Series. This is, of course, not an online tournament. Currently, We've set the cap for 32 entrants for...
  2. JunaECBS

    Looking for south american players! UPDATE: argentine group

    I saw three brazilian beta players around here, myself included, but I haven't seen the other two in a while. For the record, being south american does not automatically mean having a good ping with a brazilian, as I found out the hard way...
  3. JunaECBS

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    Story mode?!
  4. JunaECBS

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    "Mom, I'm on TV!" Edit: Man, Feb 22th is also the day I present my final paper... what a BIG day it'll be.
  5. JunaECBS

    JunaE's uncreatively titled fun gallery

    I have a new picture! Silly wordplay that became an image I just had to draw. Not shown, but she's cheering on the other Key Keepers! Just so she herself doesn't have to fight anymore...
  6. JunaECBS

    Who Do You Main? (beta release)

    Tian mains being shy? That's odd. Also, nobody claiming to main Velvet this patch
  7. JunaECBS

    JunaE's uncreatively titled fun gallery

    Just a quick thing Last Thursday, I doodled the TFH cast on the whiteboard in the room where the Math students in my university usually hang out. This Tuesday, they were still there :D Sadly, no one asked about them while I was around.
  8. JunaECBS

    Let's settle it. Who is the most popular ungulate? [Beta Edition]

    *decides to pop up in the thread* *sees Oleander ahead* I'm making good on my promise. Sorry, Ari.
  9. JunaECBS

    Let's settle it. Who is the most popular ungulate? [Beta Edition]

    I live by the paca, but I still love the cow a lot. the moment I see papi's not ahead I'm changing my vote though
  10. JunaECBS

    JunaE's uncreatively titled fun gallery

    It all began with this... Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw Since then, I'm having this itch like I had not in a long time; seeing them Pixel Lobby accessories and other in-game stuff just gives me all kinds of fun mental images, which I'd like to relay to you. To open, here...
  11. JunaECBS

    TFH Fan Video Stream/ Video Highlights

    Here is a small anime moment highlight: (28:14 to 28:18, roughly) Hopefully the framerate issues of this first stream won't be a turn-off - I'm still adjusting the settings for subsequent ones.
  12. JunaECBS

    Level 3 supers?

    I'd guess they'll be there come full release. It was just not a priority up to this point, given they are more for "show" than for "utility" (which levels 1 and 2 are). And since you brought up the other game, well... there's not really a 1:1 correspondence to what they had, is there? And if...
  13. JunaECBS

    Backers' Beta NDA lifted

    I had to sleep before this happened, but, oh, well. At least it happened before I woke up! Now, do we have time for a small parody? First of all, I need my melody... https://youtu.be/T0JFuMTcnB4?t=105 *ahem* Look at these here ungulates, awaiting release day. We're still on beta, but no more...
  14. JunaECBS

    On Pre-NDA lift Patches

    Hey! Don't blame Paprika. Nobody told her that wire was important!
  15. JunaECBS

    On Pre-NDA lift Patches

    As long as it's updated first, I'd say.