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    2.1.5 (8.25.2021)

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  1. JonNobo

    Crouch slide

    Nope! What was patched out was Velvet's ability to slide from tech rolls, after knockdowns. You can still do these slides from back/forward dashes! It actually helps a lot if you want to close distance in a safer manner since it'll keep you going forward longer, & in a low stance to potentially...
  2. JonNobo

    Lexicon or Glossary

    JD = Juggle Decay (That green bar that fills up under your opponents HP bar) JDG(GJD? Typo?) = Juggle Decay Gravity (The "heavier" the player becomes from any given hits once the JD bar is full) Juggle decay makes it harder to keep a combo going to prevent infinites in a number of ways. These...
  3. JonNobo

    Custom Palette Bases?

    I've been messing around with unpacking some of the game files using SkullMod, & while I haven't exactly found full-body images yet, I found head-shot .pcx files containing most of that sort of thing! (These are the default colors the pcx contains) For the most part, you can find the colors...