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  1. Ithinkitsdivine

    It's "Ithinkitsdivine's" divine vectors, I think...

    A game accurate, vectorized version of that picture of Paprika in underwear that Lindsay made. Originally posted in the recap thread. Created... without permission. But hopefully she doesn't mind! :arismile:
  2. Ithinkitsdivine

    It's "Ithinkitsdivine's" divine vectors, I think...

    Hello, I'm Ithinkitsdivine, but you can call me "Divine" or "ITID" if it suits. I'm a newbie vector artist (as in only been doing it about a month now, still in the "glorified tracing" stage) and I thought that if I ever make TFH art, I should post it here. I'll probably make more once v1.0...