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    Combo Breaker 2022 Recap - Special Event Stream

    Combo Breaker 2022 Recap - Special Event Stream Announcing a Stampede Special Event: The Runback, a FT5 exhibition match between Combo Breaker 2022 grand finalists Zale and Bubbleboots, hosted by Mane6. This online event will take place on Friday June 10th at 3PM PT, streamed from Mane6's...
  2. Infinaron

    Development Update #7 - TFH is Coming to Consoles

    Development Update #7 Welcome to Development Update #7, where we provide the latest news on TFH directly from the developers! We're debuting our *new* key art and 7-star logo (we think Shanty has earned it by now), and there is a positively huge series of things to announce. Strap in, and...
  3. Infinaron

    Development Update #6 - Acquisition by Modus Games

    Development Update #6 - Acquisition by Modus Games Exciting Announcement! Mane6 (that's us), the development team behind Them's Fightin' Herds, has been acquired by publisher Modus Games! What Does This Mean For Us? (Mane6) It means that our team is growing. We're still us, but now we have...
  4. Infinaron

    Humble Games Partnership Concludes

    Humble Games Partnership Concludes After nearly four years, our publishing partnership with Humble Games has come to an end. Since late 2017, Mane6 and Humble have worked together to support the development of Them’s Fightin’ Herds through Early Access into our 1.0 and 2.0 releases. We are...
  5. Infinaron

    Velvet Statuette - Production Completed

    Velvet Statuette - Production Completed Dear Velvet Worshipper, After nearly 1 year since preorders opened, production of our first printing of Velvet statuettes has been completed. I'd like to express my deepest apologies for the length of time people have had to wait since the preorder...
  6. Infinaron

    Velvet Statuette - Further Mold Revisions

    Dear Velvet Worshipper, In my last update, I showed off our first preproduction sample sent to us from the factory with an estimated ship date of June. Unfortunately, we are still experiencing factory-side delays. After the sample was painted we discovered a few model flaws, so we asked for a...
  7. Infinaron

    Velvet Statuette - Pre-Production Sample

    Dear Velvet Worshipper, I'd like to take a moment to update you on the status of statuette production. Progress is proceeding, but suffice to say thing have been taking a lot longer than we anticipated. Here's where we are in the process... It's been about 6 months since we launched preorders...
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    Merch News - Amendment to Dev Update #4

    Merch News - Amendment to Dev Update #4 Hey everyone! I've got a small announcement to make that provides an expansion, clarification, and amendment to Monday's Development Update #4 regarding the new merch. First, the background knowledge. There were some people who included additional items...
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    Development Update #4 (1/4/21)

    Development Update #4 (1/4/21) Introduction It's the first Monday of 2021, and Mane6 is back in the office after a holiday/new year break! In Development Update #4 we're discussing a variety of topics, including the new merch we released a few months back, plans for the Linux port, and the...
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    Development Update #2 (9/4/20)

    Development Update #2 (9/4/20) The State of 1.0 Since the launch of version 1.0 in late April, we've been focusing on improvements to the online experience in TFH to prepare for Evo Online and later Grand Stampede, including netcode enhancements, a reworked Classic Lobby, Battle Shrines, and...
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    New Stream Tomorrow: Aaron Plays Fighting Games

    Hey everyone! This is quite impromptu, but we're debuting a new stream series tomorrow! Introducing: Aaron Plays Fighting Games, a casual, non-TFH-related show where I get together with Cam and Oreo from our QA team to... well... play more fighting games! In this first episode, we're learning...
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    Development Update #1 (5/12/20)

    Our publisher usually handles that sort of thing. Were there any particular sites you're curious about?
  13. Infinaron

    Development Update #1 (5/12/20)

    Post-Launch Development Update #1 (5/12/20) It's been almost two weeks since the release of Version 1.0 and Story Mode Chapter 1. Now that the dust has settled (and a much-desired break has been taken), I'd like to offer up our thoughts on how we feel the release went and what's next for TFH...
  14. Infinaron

    1.0 Release Delayed by One Month - Now April 30th

    1.0 Release Delayed by One Month - Now April 30th Last night we submitted our draft build of Story Mode to a small closed community testing group. Long story short, they uncovered a number of major gameplay issues that need to be addressed before we feel Chapter 1 is ready for release. We have...
  15. Infinaron

    Post-Stream News: Upcoming Patch, Shadow Palettes, & Story Mode Preview

    Hey everyone! In case you missed our most recent ManeCast stream, we made some major announcements that I'd like to get down in writing. Here we go: First off, I am now President of Mane6. Previously this honor was held by Lauren Faust herself, but since she's more of an art director these...