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  1. indie_animator

    Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    I didn't know there are taunts in the game. Maybe they're in the movelist. Just been doing Tutorial so far. Thanks for the info on all the other upcoming content, TC.
  2. indie_animator

    Community Discord Server

    Interesting that there are many reasons it is unofficial. I will trust that is fine. Hm, wasn't my intention to necropost. I was curious about the Discord & figured I'd post in this topic. Not sure which topics not to post in, but I specialize in doing what people want. I try to post as little...
  3. indie_animator

    Community Discord Server

    So this is where the topic w/the Discord link is. Guess it's not stickied & the last post was over 2 1/2 years ago. Well, I'll join it.
  4. indie_animator

    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    Now that I have the game & just started yesterday, I'm curious about the patch updates of the past. Are they automatically in the game, or do I need to find and download them?
  5. indie_animator

    Is there a suggestions topic? And a TfH Discord?

    Didn't see a stickied topic & tried a forum search, but was curious. I hope to suggest something for the Tutorial. Trying to clear it despite playing fighters for decades. And wasn't sure where the Discord is. Maybe I'm the only new person here currently, ha. Thanks!
  6. indie_animator

    What do you want from a Tutorial?

    Thanks for the reply. It's odd that the Velvet combo drops every time, since I chain attacks in other parts of the tutorial, and I chain in other games fine. A YouTube search got me only this- Very long, no timestamps, and lots of failed attempts. Haven't found the Hit Decay part yet. In...
  7. indie_animator

    Never tried Steam before. This would be my first game.

    Thanks! I wanted to support this indie developer for their fantastic art/animation, but have never been a PC gamer. The small roster doesn't bother me. I'm just thankful to play a fighter during the week. Usually I only play PS4 on weekends when I visit my brother.
  8. indie_animator

    What do you want from a Tutorial?

    I've enjoyed the tutorial so far. One thing I'll say here, and maybe make a topic for- Hit Decay tutorial doesn't explain how to make a long enough combo to fill the green bar. Skullgirls showed how in theirs. Here, I have no clue & can't clear the tutorial. Also can't clear Velvet's Ice...
  9. indie_animator

    Anyone with controller imperfections on Steam should check this

    Thanks, I just got the game yesterday & was having a tough time getting the PS4 control to work. It works now, thankfully. Though I can't unassign macros yet.
  10. indie_animator

    Never tried Steam before. This would be my first game.

    Thanks for the reply. I made a friend on Steam from the Help forums who suggested I restart the PC, then walked me through the steps to get it to work. Might be simple to many, but I was unfamiliar w/Steam & it was tough for me at first.
  11. indie_animator

    Never tried Steam before. This would be my first game.

    Thanks for the reply, and everyone else. So I plugged a PS4 controller into the front of the PC. Now I just pay for TfH & it should work (I hope). Steam's already installed, but it doesn't open when I double click the icon. Maybe I need a game. After paying I can use Steam forums, join groups (I...
  12. indie_animator

    Never tried Steam before. This would be my first game.

    Have followed news of this game for some years, as I did w/Skullgirls. When SG went to PS3, I got it. Watched a playthrough of Cuphead on YouTube, so I don't need to buy it. (no X-Box). But for this game, I may finally get Steam. Installed it months ago, but have yet to get a PS4 controller...
  13. indie_animator

    TFH: Situation Update

    Ha, now that I think of it, I may have gotten a response from a few over the years. If the company is huge, I can see how they don't bother. A smaller company seems more likely to have someone take the time if there are few applicants, but no one's forcing them- So they may as well do...
  14. indie_animator

    TFH: Situation Update

    Interesting. Thanks for the info. I remember applying for pixel artist, but never got a reply. That tends to happen whenever I apply to an art/animation company. Figured Mane 6 was was flooded w/applications and hired people right away. Did two animation tests for Lab 0 to try to do freelance...
  15. indie_animator

    My TFH fanart and other work

    Thanks! Glad you liked it. It's been too long since visiting the forums. No new fanart since that one. Maybe more someday though.