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Hello people! Welcome to this profileythingamagig!

Enter the madness that is gato and wallow in despair! Behold the depressing story of a creature who has a pretty active imagination (maybe too active) and gets swallowed on the very worlds his mind creates!

I'm a PSO2 nut, a Sanic fan from time to time, a Music lover yet not a practitioner and all in all the kind of person that makes pony fans want to stay away from the term Brony. I'm a weird conglomeration of many faces which sum equals to the member you are reading about...I'm loving, I'm a raging bastard, I'm loyal, I'm lazy, I'm noble, I'm a pervert, I'm a dreamer, I'm a pessimist, I'm a joker, I'm a sad little being, I'm serious, I'm... Well... Me. I try to lean more towards the positive sides tho.

The many faces of meh

I might not be the most active member on the SSMB but if you want to catch me on PSO2 I'll try to do my best to ensure you enjoy your time there, or if you don't... Well... I'm a frequent user of the status bar! Be it by joking around or just being someone you can make some light chat with.

I'm very open minded and I can talk about a lot of things, even stuff I have no knowledge whatsoever! :V I enjoy a lot of music and reading (sometimes I play around with the idea of writing), I love gaming (a lot) but I'm not particularly good in any genre (RPGs, Action, Racing, RTS, FPS, Platformers, Fighting) I have a child-like fondness for shonen manga and their heroes (but I favor those series that try to not be stupid like the most cited examples)... I guess you could say I'm a cat of all trades but a master of none...


I'm gato and I like to party

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