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Recent content by Franzyd

  1. Franzyd

    TFH: Situation Update

    I hope all goes well! Didn't think that Oli would be the one to give tutorials, a nice surprise for me btw I'm still banned on the Discord server :olliesad:
  2. Franzyd

    Well, Super Smash Bros is now confirmed.

    Hol' up Sakurai said he's going on holiday after finishing Bayonetta, so either he's not working on this Smash, which is unlikely, or they just started later, about in the middle of 2016, which would mean 2 years of development. Both Smash 4 and Brawl took 2.5 years to make, but Melee took only...
  3. Franzyd

    Well, Super Smash Bros is now confirmed.

    Here's a quote from a commenter on a GameExplain video about this: And I think the reason why it's coming so early is because Smash 4 was for 2 different systems, Wii U and 3DS. For example the Ice Climbers were working perfectly on the Wii U but there were problems on the 3DS, so they...
  4. Franzyd

    Well, Super Smash Bros is now confirmed.

    In the March 8th Nintendo Direct, at the very end Nintendo announced a new Smash with the Inklings as playable characters coming this year. Of course, one obligatory word: HYYYYYYPE What are your thoughts? You hype? How will TFH compare to it?
  5. Franzyd

    Music Discussion Thread

    Something different: I can't find the Menu Theme audio file in the game folder. I've tried searching .wav, .ogg, other audio file extensions, I even found a menutheme.gbs file that looked like it was a Game Boy Sound System file, but I downloaded a player supporting that and nothing. It's hidden...
  6. Franzyd

    Nintendo Pro Controller Support (It works!)

    Yeah, unneeded confusion.
  7. Franzyd

    Nintendo Pro Controller Support (It works!)

    Nevertheless, it's not the normal one, which I was talking about. Good that we've figured it out.
  8. Franzyd

    Nintendo Pro Controller Support (It works!)

    I'm guessing you're using the Horipad controller or some other one, not the original.
  9. Franzyd

    Nintendo Pro Controller Support (It works!)

    Interesting... When I connect my Pro Controller, it does show up in TFH and it is detected by the computer and Steam, but no button or joystick work, there's just no input. I've searched the internet and the only ways I found to connect thru USB is by using other programs, not just by plugging is in
  10. Franzyd

    Nintendo Pro Controller Support (It works!)

    Did not know that you could connect the controller through USB. The only official option is through Bluetooth, but I guess modders found a way.
  11. Franzyd

    Nintendo Pro Controller Support (It works!)

    Goodday! I'm a fanboy of Nintendo and the only controller I have is the Nintendo Pro Controller. After installing the game I tried out the controls. The game actually thought the controller is a fight stick and you could not input diagonal directions on the joystick, but it worked fine on the...
  12. Franzyd

    TFH's Title Theme piano MIDI

    Goodday everyone, I made a piano MIDI of the game's title theme, here's a side by side comparison: Hope you like it!