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    Feb 22 - Still release // Unexpected change of plans

    Any news on the backer rewards faq
  2. Flutter KI

    Your hopes and fears for TFH?

    I see a ton of you folks have the same kind of fear that the game won't catch on or it'll be dead a few months later. Unfortunately that's the reality most fighting games have to face at some point if you aren't a street fighter, marvel, tekken, mk, etc. It's up to the community like oreo said...
  3. Flutter KI

    Good news, Bad news, Stream news.

    I hope I'm not the only one who thinks you should take as much time (within reason) as you need. make the best game you can possibly make and ill be a happy lil fightin gamer. See you guys during the work stream :)
  4. Flutter KI

    Local arcades

    Here in NYC there's a bunch of "barcades" scattered around Manhattan. Not really the oldschool style most folks want but it's a good time with or without the drinks and a few buddies. Tons of locals and even some official tourneys happen in NYC almost weekly, can be kinda dead if you don't play...
  5. Flutter KI

    List of Livestream Lore/Gameplay Bits

    That's what I was doing lol answered his question, what KI is doing is nothing like what mane6 is cookin. Both different takes on a traditional fighting game campaigns.
  6. Flutter KI

    List of Livestream Lore/Gameplay Bits

    Killer Instincts new single player mode uses rouge like and rpg elements to buff characters in tons of different ways.
  7. Flutter KI

    Killer instinct

    Gonna resurrect the thread cause I can. What's up folks? Mira, Gargos and Raam have been released since the last post here so..who's everybody playing now? Been messing around with Raam since he came out a few days ago and he's pretty sick. A true grappler. Let me know if you want games today or...
  8. Flutter KI

    Killer instinct

    So season 3 is freakin insane and well worth the money. PC port works great and tons of new folks are playing. Jump in guys.
  9. Flutter KI

    Killer instinct

    maann this game is becoming something i dreamed about back in 07. I am a little upset over the fact we get one more guest instead of an original character but it's freaking Raam, im huge halo and gears can so having characters from both franchises in my favorite fighting game is really cool.
  10. Flutter KI

    Killer instinct

    Well then you aren't really playing KI bro. KI is about the constant 2 way interaction between the players in and out of combos. If you are frustrated by getting knocked down then I really don't know what to tell you. I've been in the KI community a long time now and have never heard a complaint...
  11. Flutter KI

    Killer instinct

    that's not Killer Instincts fault, it's yours. You basically described most fighting games on knock down and wakeup. You need not complain about getting blown up and actually combat it. If you stop playing man then that's on you lol don't blame the game. Shago has gone on sale twice. Plenty of...
  12. Flutter KI

    Killer instinct

    I've been trying to catch up on vids and the like all this morning. This game and the teams developing it continue to blow me away. Man I love this game.
  13. Flutter KI

    The Fightin' Fœnatics, V2 (Updated 5/3/17: HIATUS IS OVAH!)

    Been poking around a bit to see what I've missed since I've been away and came across this and its an amazing thing! I love when communities come together and level each other up! Id love to be a part of it but I've got no PC :'( I play skullgirls through xbox 360 backwards compatibility on the...
  14. Flutter KI

    Killer instinct

    been playing since day 1 woo
  15. Flutter KI

    Killer instinct

    lol yea theirs 2 of us. I was the original Timid Ferovore Hoers though ;)