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Recent content by Flamerick

  1. Flamerick

    After the lasso

    The training teachs you a few, but i use this: After 22H (Heavy Stomp), 4D (Air Lasso). This can be in combo, LMH, 22L, 22H, 4D. After 236M (Medium Butthead), 2D (Down Lasso). And goes LMH, 236L, 236M, 2D. After 236D (Magic Butthead) D (normal Lasso), And you can easy combo LMH, 236L, 236H...
  2. Flamerick

    GGPO to non-NA/EU player

    I'm from SA (Argentina) and got the issue of... everybody got between 250-350 ping against me. That's ok because ggpo mikez thank you very much; BUT... How should i set up? I was using 1 point in the ggpo PER 50 MS. So, 250 MS = GGPO in 5. And i always adjust everyfight. Also, if my enemy got...