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  1. Dr. Cheesesteak

    We're at EVO BABY!

    Man, surprised i'm 1st reply lol. But yes, well-deserved. Glad this game will be getting some spotlight!
  2. Dr. Cheesesteak

    TFH 2020 offline rankings

    Need them Frosty results! :unicornomicon: :arilove:
  3. Dr. Cheesesteak

    NorCal and Bay area thread

    I know this is borderline necro-ing, but I'm here! Played upon release, but not very much. Just now getting back into it. But not sure how dedicated I'll be cuz I also just got SamSho and wanna see how I like it lol.
  4. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Keybinding options (menu buttons bound to move buttons)

    Bumping this out of sincere curiosity of the technology behind this and hoping the devs reply. I just recently bought Last Blade and Last Blade 2. DotEmu ported Last Blade 1 and was able to keep the menu and in-game bindings separate. Code Mystics ported Last Blade 2 and wasn't able to. Or...
  5. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Keybinding options (menu buttons bound to move buttons)

    Are there any plans to have the move buttons and menu buttons separately bound? I don't like the idea of if I re-bind my C and D buttons, the menu Accept/Back buttons follow them. Thanks!
  6. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Introduce yourself

    Hey all, Long time casual FG player, since the days of the original MK arcade. It wasn’t until last summer I decided to become more involved in the FGC and actually try to become decent. I’ve had TFH since it’s first day live, but only played it for an hour or so. But just yesterday, I...