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Recent content by darahalian

  1. darahalian

    Steam Inventory Issue

    This happens for me as well. After finding hats/accessories in chests in the pixel lobby dungeon, steam tells me I have new inventory items, but when I go to look at them, this is what I see: (I had a pretty good haul of new items tonight :] ) It seems that Steam doesn't know how to display TFH...
  2. darahalian

    Feb 22 - Still release // Unexpected change of plans

    The backerkit email may not have come through yet for some reason, but you should have access to the code on your backerkit survey page if you backed at the appropriate level. Try following the instructions here for a step by step process on finding the code and redeeming it on Steam. The...
  3. darahalian

    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    It takes it from Steam.
  4. darahalian

    Forum Improvements log

    Yeah, I believe that just means an attack can be used either on the ground or in the air.
  5. darahalian

    Um... What is this Ob3y thing?

    Devourer is an Eldritch abomination confirmed? :P
  6. darahalian

    Um... What is this Ob3y thing?

    From the wiki page linked, it looks like fhtagn means 'wait/sleep' in this language..
  7. darahalian

    Music/Rhythm Games

    I also really love the BIT.TRIP games, but there's another music/rhythm game I found through HumbleBundle called 140 (website/steam), which is a minimalistic platformer where everything moves to the beat of the looping background music, requiring you to pay attention to what you hear in order to...
  8. darahalian

    Youtube Channels You Currently Watch

    I just found an amazing new channel: Wintergatan It's a Swedish group that makes some pretty sweet music using contraptions they build themselves, and accompanied by creative videos that are a joy to watch. They include some behind-the-scenes footage, and seeing how they made a music video is...
  9. darahalian

    Youtube Channels You Currently Watch

    I've already shared a bunch of my favorite music-related Youtube channels in the favorite music thread, but some other channels I enjoy are nigahiga, TomSka, the Slow Mo Guys, Silver Quill, CarbotAnimations, an interesting channel I found recently called You Suck At Cooking, and also this other...
  10. darahalian

    Obscure Fighting Games

    Megabyte Punch (website, steam) A fun little fighting game with lots of similarities to Smash Bros, but your character is a robot made entirely out of interchangeable parts that give you different abilities and that you acquire by beating other robots.
  11. darahalian

    Favourite music

    Youtube for me has been a great place to find music, and I've found myself subscribed to a great many music makers. Most of my favorite artists come from the pony fandom, but there are also a few I really like that are unrelated to it. My favorite artist would probably have to be Aviators, but...
  12. darahalian

    Crowdfunded games

    The only other game I've helped crowdfund so far is Indivisible, the game the Skullgirls creators are making. It looks pretty interesting, and I also wanted to support them for their help gettting TFH going with their engine.
  13. darahalian

    What fgs do you play?

    I've mostly just played Smash Bros, but it's been a while. More recently I found a game on Humble Bundle called Megabyte Punch which is actually similar to Smash in a lot of ways (including an Adventure Mode type single player campaign), but your character is a robot made completely out of...
  14. darahalian

    Introduce yourself

    Hello. I tend to go by darahalian on the internet (or sometimes just daraha), and I tend to lurk way more than I post, but you will probably see me around here and there. My only real experience with fighting games is a little bit of Smash Bros, but I like to play all kinds of games (though I...
  15. darahalian

    Any guardians? (destiny)

    I spend waaay too much time playing Destiny... Main a warlock but also playing a hunter. I've created a titan but haven't spent any time with it. Still on xbox360 though, gamertag same as my username. EDIT: I have now upgraded to an XB1, just FYI