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Recent content by CrazyBob05

  1. My Favorite Game Is S**t

    Persona, and don't forget that even more years later, yet another group of misfit teenagers become a ragtag group of vigilantes and tearing masks off their faces in an obviously bloody and painful way. Next up, you play as a white wolf running around Japan during a fantasy version of the Feudal...
  2. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    The hype train hit me going at full-throttle. I'm ecstatic about this. Cloud Strife and Solid Snake both return to Smash
  3. My Favorite Game Is S**t

    Dragon Quest 8 Stupidly addictive flash browser game about a ridiculously themed luchador and his quest to squash evil gummy bears. You heard me, evil gummy bears. There is absolutely no fathoming why I enjoy this game...
  4. My Favorite Game Is S**t

    Medieval fantasy game about anthropomorphic animals, a king gone mad, digital board game. 16 playable characters, with 4 on the board at one time. You get ahead in this game by being a complete douche to the other players.
  5. (Forum Game) Wish Granting

    Granted but it stinks heavily of rum and they steal everything you have... I wish Square-Enix would hurry up with the Final Fantasy 7 remake!
  6. Armello

    Either the AI behind Barnaby's a real bitch or I suck with River... I'm gonna' go with the latter. I kicked some serious ass with Thane though. As far as which character is my favorite design-wise I like Elyssia (and I hate Donald Trump, go figure). Really wanna' try playing with Scarlet but...
  7. Pokemon

    I never cared much for the competitive scene as long as it's strong enough in the PVE scene, I'll be fine.
  8. Favorite Anime

    So sick of that damn meme...
  9. Pokemon

    I doubt there is but until then Rockruff is adorable.
  10. Pokemon

    Screw everything else, Alola Ninetales. Everything else is just gravy, unless there's an Alola Arcanine.
  11. Nintendo General

    I'm trying to picture what Bioshock Infinite or Borderlands might look like on the Switch. I told my roommate Dark Souls might come to the Switch and he said and I quote "Oh :bark::bark::bark::bark: yes!"
  12. Nintendo General

    Well, aren't you a downer? The reason they've always stuck with cartridge systems on their mobile platforms is because CD readers are power-eaters. Sony tried a handheld system that used a CD reader and it's battery life is awful, it burns through it's battery even when it's off. Gaming...
  13. Nintendo General

    I'm ecstatic over the Nintendo Switch. This is gonna' be bigger than the Wii was... If the trailer was any indication it looks like Nintendo isn't gonna' shy away from mature titles. -Bethesda has confirmed that they're working on titles for the Switch but they haven't specified what titles...
  14. Favorite Anime

  15. Favorite Anime

    Never actually seen Jojo's Bizarre Adventure... But I do have one more to add, Fullmetal Alchemist