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  • Current Game Version

    3.1.0 (07.15.2022)

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    Cannot launch the game successfully

    It's definitely unusual. I hadn't messed with anything out of the ordinary between the game working and having to reset stuff. In the interest of thoroughness, I had run numerous malware scans using Sophos home, forced Windows update, rolled them back, and did a clean Uninstaller and reinstall...
  2. CobaltSketch

    Cannot launch the game successfully

    Thanks for listening to All of my attempts to resolve the issue had no avail, and I ended up using Windows' reset tool on the C drive. Thankfully that seems to have resolved the issue entirely, though it's unfortunate that I had to go to such a length. Thanks for being so willing to tackle...
  3. CobaltSketch

    Cannot launch the game successfully

    • Location of Bug: App launch (via steam, exe directly, shortcut, big picture, etc.) • Description: After selecting 'Play' via steam, or double clicking the exe directly, a transparent window appears that the game usually displays in, after a brief moment, and a windows error sound effect, the...