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Hi, I am a big fan of this project and have been following the progress of the Mane6 since 2011 (almost directly after becoming a brony) and have checked the website at least once a month for all of these 5 years.
I was an animator for a short while and have always been an artist. I have a fairly active soundcloud (Crispy42) account where I produce electronic music. I am part of a "band" (if you can call it a band) and play the bass guitar and the melodica. I was working on 2 fighting games, one original and the other a fan project, and currently a visual novel that my friend wrote.
I basically find something I want to do and find the means to do it. I even started development of a web comic and gave up on it and am writing a novel that I started 6-7 years ago.
I am open to criticism and encourage your opinion and would like to be your friend.
May 3, 1997 (Age: 22)
Lake Stevens


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