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Recent content by CamTSB

  1. CamTSB

    TFH is big in Japan...

    Unfortunately, this is Chinese, not Japanese. Still very cool that they enjoy it! As a side note, we do have a pretty good amount of players in Japan that I know of! Hopefully the next time I'm back there I can hang out with some of them.
  2. CamTSB

    6th collectable in Reine doesn't drop in story mode [patch 1.02]

    Yeah, it was likely tied to the save file at that point in time, glad it's all sorted.
  3. CamTSB

    Patch Notes - Version 1.0.3 (05/20/20)

    No, but that one is known as well.
  4. CamTSB

    GGPO to non-NA/EU player

    That's really up to you. Don't worry about your opponent, that GGPO Frame Delay number is ONLY for your side. Pick something YOU are comfortable with!
  5. CamTSB

    Story Mode: K.O. doesn't always end game

    Yeah, there's a specific way the health loss stuff works on the overworld, and we're looking to put more info in for the players so they can see how it actually is functioning.
  6. CamTSB

    We're at EVO BABY!

    No, that's actually quite understandable, lmao. But no, we were contacted, and we knew well in advance.
  7. CamTSB

    6th collectable in Reine doesn't drop in story mode [patch 1.02]

    That's extremely odd, it may be something to do with your save file then, since the patch dropped while you were in Reine. If you're not too bothered by it, at some point can you start the chapter section fresh from the start, and then work your way to the museum and try again?
  8. CamTSB

    6th collectable in Reine doesn't drop in story mode [patch 1.02]

    Are you able to get a video of this? The hat should be on the floor, and it just worked fine for me. I'd like to see what's happening on your end.
  9. CamTSB

    Is it possible to remap rotation moves?

    Unfortunately, no. Those forms of mappings (More commonly referred to as macros) make it so that it should be used at all times, rather than the intended complex directional input. Macros are generally looked down upon for those kinds of things as a way of cheating, since you aren't going to be...
  10. CamTSB

    Cross-Canter Discussion

    That's exactly why I mentioned pushblock, yes. DBFZ's only defensive mechanic is their guard cancel, but we don't just have that. Cross Canter is a guard cancel, and brings you back to neutral, but pushblocking can also end someone's pressure if you time it properly. Knowing what moves to...
  11. CamTSB

    Cross-Canter Discussion

    Yeah that's a fair thing, however these things do balance out in a way. When in the air, you don't have your WHOLE defensive kit as like you said you don't have Cross Canter, but you do have pushblock. This is mostly because blocking in the air is just a better general thing than blocking on the...
  12. CamTSB

    Cross-Canter Discussion

    Yeah, I understand that aspect about it, but I am clarifying that it doesn't escape combos, which is part of what they mentioned.
  13. CamTSB

    Cross-Canter Discussion

    Just to make it clear, cross canter doesn't escape combos. It's a guard cancel, which means it can only be done while blocking. It being able to be done in the air isn't going to change that fact about it at the very least. Did you mean that instead, or were you actually speaking about something...
  14. CamTSB

    "Fancy Blocking Tutorial" doesn't get marked as completed

    These things are mostly known, but good catches regardless! A lot of these typos specifically have been fixed, and will be going out in the 1.0 patch later this month. The fancy blocking thing has been a stickler for a while, so hopefully we'll get it sorted out as well. Thanks!
  15. CamTSB

    Arizona's Combo Intermediate 02 lists wrong action

    While it is true that you can do Headbuck B into regular lasso, that particular combo requires a low rope at the end. It still works (Both regular and low connect in that situation), but this particular trial was to put emphasis on the type of knockdown and positioning that low rope gives.