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    I have a Widowmaker "smurf" that I play so I really want the Legendary skin on that account, but I've got nearly 9k credits on my main just waiting to be spent. Not sure if I'll end up spending on the legendaries this time -- I got Tracer's already, and I have Witch Mercy so ... hmm~
  2. bearcatte


    Oh yeah, I forgot, this is a ... horse site ;) Kidding, of course! I think she is absolutely *adorable* but I mostly meant her mechanics and how she fits into the game competitively. I think she's a great fit lore-wise and I love her design and adorable animations! :3
  3. bearcatte

    Graphically Marvelous Games

    Horizon Zero Dawn is gorgeous and has the best photo mode I've ever personally used.
  4. bearcatte


    I can't wait for Doomfist! Orisa was kind of a strange addition to the team imo.