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  • Mane6.com has been updated!

    The Mane6 website has been updated for the coming 1.0 release. We now have quick gameplay & features info, pages for the cast and a media section with new wallpapers!

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  • Current Game Version

    1.1.0 (5.29.2020)

Recent content by BananaMeteor

  1. BananaMeteor

    Wacky Palletes Bug

    Had a little bug last night in which upon re-matching a friend in the pixel lobby, the character select screen palletes took on the same colors as my last character played. (In this case, Sky Cow Arizona) The character would have the correct color in match after selecting them, but it was hard...
  2. BananaMeteor

    I just got proposed to, with an Arizona plush!

    This seems like kind of a wacky thing to do, but let me tell you, Cows are a girl's best friend. My boyfriend and I both share a love for all things animation, and Lawyer Friendly Equines was no exception. One of our earliest dates was attending Bronycon in 2012, and who else would be showcasing there...
  3. BananaMeteor

    Knick Knack's Youtube Series! THE ROAD TO GUD

    As the designer of frog, I always get a little giddy when people wear it. Fun video, Knick Knack! Frog up, everyone.
  4. BananaMeteor

    Chests in Salt Mines give an error?

    I also had this same problem! Chests took my salt without producing any sort of item. Sucked cause I was doing a run with a friend and he kept getting neat accessory drops. Hope it's fixed soon!
  5. BananaMeteor

    Current Beta Status, and upcoming updates

    This is great news! Will Pom's stage also be added to the NDA free beta edition?