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  1. AtmaDragoon

    What's the best decision?

    Ah, I think I see now: you were asking a multifaceted question, whereas I approached answering it mainly from a single, default approach. So yeah -- definitely out of my depth on this one. :B Here's hoping someone with more Velvet expertise can give you some better, more specific direction~...
  2. AtmaDragoon

    Skill Lobbies Feebdack (thus far)

    Hi! So um, earlier I voted in the poll regarding lobby names denoting skill levels, and I just wanted to expand a little bit on why I voted for reverting to unlabelled lobbies. As they currently are, I feel like the lobbies are essentially making me choose between ensuring that I don't...
  3. AtmaDragoon

    What's the best decision?

    Well shucks, it's no biggie; just doing what I can, y'know? And hoping I'm not offering bad advice in the process...^_^;; Oh yeah -- I forget that the slowdown is, like...half the reason to use her Lvl2 in the first place. :arishock2: Velvet is a zoner, but I know I've been comboed at close...
  4. AtmaDragoon

    What's the best decision?

    It's no bother! To seek understanding is a good thing. As for when specifically to cancel Velvet's Lvl1 super into Lvl2 -- I can only offer some general insight, as I play Pom pretty much exclusively. But generally, I would think waiting to spend that second bar until just before the final...
  5. AtmaDragoon

    Future Palettes

    Whoops, more Pom palette ideas. ^_^; 3. "Prophetic" or "Zealous", Magus + Alphard doggos [or Alfador, I guess] (Because cats are the new dog.) 4. "Run!!" or "Icy", Sheena + Saber doggos (Dunno how many people are familiar with Run Saber, but Sheena was the character I would always play as, and...
  6. AtmaDragoon

    Future Palettes

    Oooh, palette brainstorming? For Pom?? :D ...I only really have two ideas, though. ^_^; 1. Terra Branford + Moogle doggos (Would also posit Esper Terra, but default Pom's already got white covered, and Moogle helpers is just too perfect a reference to first multiparty sequence, etc) 2. Proto...
  7. AtmaDragoon

    Question & Answer

    Hmmmm. I think I'mma go with... If you could eat any food right now, what would it be? (Feel free to elaborate on why, if desired.)
  8. AtmaDragoon

    Empty Your Life Savings 2017 (AKA Summer Steam Sale)

    Oh yeah, I made a few acquisitions this time around. Steredenn: Gotta match my PS4 high score!...Once I have a computer that doesn't lag on loop 0, anyway. Dream: Longtime wishlist entry, just curious to see what it's about. Ori and the Blind Forest: Gotta learn about Ori before they're...
  9. AtmaDragoon

    Question & Answer

    There've been a couple times, yeah. The one that immediately came to mind though was when I got stung for the first time. It was during an out-of-state trip to a summer camp kinda deal. It was around late afternoon, and I was walking and talking around the camp buildings with an acquaintance...
  10. AtmaDragoon

    Wishing Mane6 the best of luck in 2017

    Happy new year! ...Um. Belatedly. >_>;