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    Anukan's Not-Weekly(er) Worklog

    I still exist! ... Sometimes. Things I've been working on (that are actually showable) - Salt Mines 2.0 Maps! Slowly creating new dungeon rooms. These are still work in progress and subject to gameplay and balance and whatnot tweaks. They also feature pixel art by our new pixel artist. I'm...
  2. Anukan

    Anukan's Not-Weekly(er) Worklog

    Y'know what, I ain't even gonna undust thread this time, just gonna drop this, right here.
  3. Anukan

    Forum Improvements log

    I couldn't reproduce it on my end; Still, updated media embed code to the latest version and did some general troubleshoot. See if it's still doing it. If it is, specific links might help narrow the search field down.
  4. Anukan

    Datamining thread

    Not me this time. Re:Audio Files. Just be aware that we recorded a lot of material "just in case"; Some of it might be used, some of it we don't have a specific use planned for but we recorded anyways just in case the situations arose for it later, so we wouldn't have to call our voice people...
  5. Anukan

    Future Palettes

    mmmmaybe. I'll give it a try at least. I tried that one. It ended up feeling too generic/obscure. Sheep's palette is way too basic, so it relies on the puppies zones' to make the reference clear, and the zones don't help much. Hah! I actually wanted to try that on Olie. She's got the bell...
  6. Anukan

    Future Palettes

    That's actually a good idea and I'm going to look into it. I do want to make more palettes for Pom/Paprika. We certainly have the space for it. I just find it a bit hard to think of things that aren't paletted pom + some variation of normal-looking puppies; I'm open for suggestions if you guys...
  7. Anukan

    Palette Reference Guide

    That one was my decision. I liked the reference in the palette (I put it there in the first place), but when going through the palettes for polish and cleanup once we had final zones set, I felt the one-color + bold black outlines clashed too much with the rest of the game's artstyle and the...
  8. Anukan

    Best Skin

  9. Anukan

    Quick question regarding translations

    We're not currently planning (Read: allocating budget, time and resources) to translations, but we're open to it in the future if we can do it. Specially if we get to have console releases. I personally want to be very careful with translations, though, because honestly, I consider the general...
  10. Anukan

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    Since I don't want to derail, I'll just say you're doing yourself a disservice by not watching it. If you need further recommendation, show was made by Craig McCracken (who happens to also be Lauren's husband) and has a few episodes written by Lauren too.
  11. Anukan

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    >list other appeareances >not listing Keith's "this got me cast in TFH" role
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    Anukan's Not-Weekly(er) Worklog

    Some final (at least 'till release) work General assets. Ranks and different ways to represent them for different needs and locations
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    List of Livestream Lore/Gameplay Bits

    So. I asked Lindsay, and... [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]