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Recent content by Anthony Rothstein

  1. Anthony Rothstein

    Nintendo NX

    I don't see the point really in getting a "New" 3DS at this stage if you've already got an original one. And if you have neither, i'd certainly suggest just picking up a cheap second hand 3DS or 3DS XL for Sun & Moon. We've got real idea what the NX is. So don't wait for it. Will it play 3DS...
  2. Anthony Rothstein

    The TFHs Original Character Thread

    Name: (not decided yet) Race: Longma Gender: female Occupation: Field Researcher for the Imperial Library Isn’t currently aware of threat of the predators returning. Travels across Fœnum collecting knowledge about the world and it's people. Kinda Chubby. This is what I have so far! Will...
  3. Anthony Rothstein


    I've legit damaged my hand playing this today
  4. Anthony Rothstein


    Well Amazon says they've dispatched it! Hope it arrives on time!
  5. Anthony Rothstein

    The TFHs Original Character Thread

    I'm having some trouble thinking of an OC. With Lawyer Friendly Equines it was fairly easy, with it's open ended world. TFH has an open ended world as well, but it's not as established as Lawyer Friendly Equines yet.
  6. Anthony Rothstein

    New X-Files

    I know right! I do hope they make a new series, all i've heard is all the parties want to but they're all busy as heck!
  7. Anthony Rothstein

    New X-Files

    I just finished watching it today (only just been airing here in the UK). Loved it all. It's been mental, serious and super camp all at the same time. The last episode I enjoyed but I felt I would have appreciated it more if I had seen the all the old episodes and movies. Was very very plot...
  8. Anthony Rothstein


    >the literal fact when people have no idea what they're talking about. More importantly though. Just ordered this from Amazon with 4 gift vouchers, yeah bitches!
  9. Anthony Rothstein

    If you could go back in time and save fighting is magic from being c&d'd...

    Pretty sure the doctor would come and slap you silly for doing that.
  10. Anthony Rothstein

    Would you watch a TFH television series?

    It needs to come back, I miss it dearly
  11. Anthony Rothstein

    Would you watch a TFH television series?

    If they did, they should heavily base it on the most amazing fighting show of all time! MUCHA LUCHA!!!!!!!
  12. Anthony Rothstein

    If you could go back in time and save fighting is magic from being c&d'd...

    TFH just has so much more potential than the pony version. TFH has unlimited ability to go anywhere and do anything and isn't confined to The Toy Company's perspective and the world that was already laid out in FiM. As much as I love Lawyer Friendly Equines and the characters from Friendship is Magic, we've been watching...
  13. Anthony Rothstein

    Can Fred be trusted?

    He seems fairly laid back to be honest, like a fair few demons are. Though his powers come from the dark, I don't think he straight up has malicious intentions. Ok, he's set to take Oleander's soul, but that's what demons do. He wants to have fun whilst doing it and isn't doing it to be cruel to...
  14. Anthony Rothstein

    Who saves the world?

    Goat will save the day and will become dictator of the world.
  15. Anthony Rothstein

    Backer Status forum privileges

    Got my status now, but I don't have all my forum privileges. Specifically I can't change my avatar yet!