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  1. A Mistake

    [FactionRP] Goat Cult

    Getting massive K. Rool vibes from the music.
  2. A Mistake

    Swipe a card game into TFH's theme!

    I like it! Too bad I don't have anyone to play with thanks to them not being interested in this game.
  3. A Mistake

    Hello! How was your day!

    This little thread is just here for people to discuss about things that you're too shy to talk about elsewhere/make a thread for! This thread might be pointless but I figured some people (like me) would be quite scared on creating a thread. While I know very little about the game now, perhaps...
  4. A Mistake

    Injured Character Models (Concepts)

    I like this! Just a cherry on top of this beautifully flavored game! Reminds me of the time when brawl had cut "Damaged" models. I'm excited to see what page 3 looks like, and if you're gonna make more injured character models in the future! (Preferably Velvet) :Velvet: "Beautivul!" Edit...
  5. A Mistake

    Them's Fightin Herds HD Wallpapers

    Depends on where the watermark is and how big it is. Though I trust you to know where to put it since I don't make this kinda stuff. :olliesilly:
  6. A Mistake

    Them's Fightin Herds HD Wallpapers

    These look nice! I enjoy the fact that you kept it simple. :olliebigsmile:
  7. A Mistake

    What's the best decision?

    Thanks a whole Bunch! That was the last question I needed answers for! Hopefully I can main this Cool (These puns suck.) character when console ports arrive. In the meantime, this birb will continue to scamper around in the forums for more tid-bits about this game and it's qualities...
  8. A Mistake

    What's the best decision?

    Thanks! So I just got to do what I believe would be the best for me? Nice! This deer is cooler than I thought! :Velvet: Final Question: does Velvet have "Build-a-bear" combos? I play Nu-13 in BBTag and I'm used to one of my zoning tools leading into combos. (usually ending in oki/mix-up.)...
  9. A Mistake

    Skill Lobbies Feebdack (thus far)

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. as of now the skills levels are too... Ambiguous. I've seen where this usually ends up in games like BBTag and Smash. A lot of players ignore the "Advanced" or "Pro" rooms because it might seem either overwhelming, or you just wanna have fun. (Which is like...
  10. A Mistake

    What's the best decision?

    Don't worry, your advice is not considered bad. :olliegrin: I've seen all applications velvet has for her level 2, combos, resets, etc. I'm just asking "What should I do after level 2 in different situations and how should I capitalize on it depending on which character I'm facing." Hence the...
  11. A Mistake

    What's the best decision?

    Thanks for the insight! :olliebigsmile: The reason I think about cancelling it early is because of the 1. Combo potential, and 2. Reset potential. (plus their options to break free of pressure is significantly slower) I wonder though if that's the right play considering she is a zoner.
  12. A Mistake

    What's the best decision?

    Complete newbie posting. I think to myself "When using Velvet's level 2 super, what is the best decision in that moment of time?" would going in and pressuring them be better? or would setting up be more important? Should I end level 1 to level 2 early? Or not? The answer might be obvious but...